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27.08.2014 We welcome Caduceus Empirical


Moving deeper into the science of the body and its movements, Caduceus Records is proud to launch the new Caduceus Empirical sublabel, dedicated to experimental studies in rhythms and exercises designed to attune the ear to the inner pulse. As the Caduceus is a symbol of the duality of the material and spiritual world, its Empirical side will embrace more completely the spiritual by releasing explorations into the inner realms while keeping the material side still within sight. Inspired by the legacies of Chain Reaction, Mille Plateaux, IDM, and classic experimental electronic music, Caduceus Empirical will focus on the deeper and more ambient side of sound. The rhythmic structures will still remain, but here they will be emphasized less strongly in favor of textural melodic elements that fully immerse the listener in a world of sound. Releases will come in the format of full artist digital EPs, with occasional remix efforts that remain in the spirit of the label’s mission. Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates, everything is music.

19.08.2014 We welcome Tristens labels Aim & Berg


Over the past 5 years Berlin born and bred Tristen has made a name for himself as DJ, Producer, as well as label manager and A&R for his own imprints Aim Vinyl and Berg. After having released on labels such as WHITE, Falkplatz and Roundabout Sounds and with productions garnering support from the likes of DJ Koze, Daniel Bell, Âme, and Brotherʼs Vibe he fully committed to his vision of beautifully crafted house music and founded Aim Vinyl in 2010. With a continuous flow of remarkable releases by artist like Moomin, Christopher Rau, Lowtec, Oliver Deutschmann and others and its puristic trademark design, an unmistakable statement for music on record Aim has established itself among vinyl enthusiasts around the world. It is the same keen eye for the detail that can be found in Tristens DJ sets and has gathered him a loyal following far beyond the Berlin club mile. With a distinctive selection track and a unique feel for the crowd he will continue to inspire crowds around the globe.

Aim is the record label run by Berlin-based DJ and producer, Tristen. Born in 2010, Aimʼs mission is to support producers and electronic artist with a characteristic style and a highly sophisticated sound signature. Started in order to make an aesthetic statement, Aim delivers music on record for the sole purpose of its uniqueness and individual beauty. Having released gorgeously crafted house music from the likes of Moomin, Lowtec, Christopher Rau, Oliver Deutschmann, Oskar Offermann, and Flori, Tristen continues to paint his picture with the Aim, honing his craft with a much-lauded display of the musical and the aesthetic.

15.08.2014 We welcome "White Music" and "KDB Records" from Berlin!


Founded in Berlin/Germany in spring 2005, WHITE is a collective of passionate young individuals from a variety of different creative and functional disciplines that have lumped together to realize personal and commercial projects. Built around a network principle, they foster an environment for young artists to play and work, create and destroy, love and hate, and live and die…They love music & design. Deep inspiring floor-orientated house music, with a minimal approach and cutting edge designs with attitude!


KDB - first post-Soviet music label. Founded in Berlin, KDB Records is a quintessence of good artists, musicians and the best sounds of the post-Soviet music market. KDB Records is a new generation music company. Their product is not only the recorded music itself, but the artist as a whole, with all connected business fields including. They provide all-round support for talented young people.

13.08.2014 We welcome Tim Xavier’s labels Face to Face, Magnus and LTD-400


American techno DJ/Producer, Berlin Transplant who is also the mastering engineer at his own vinyl/audio mastering company, Mandmade Mastering. Loved and respected by many, feared by some, Tim Xavier's passionate personality and lifestyle have kept him on the forefront of techno since his first releases almost a decade ago. On the stage Tim is known for his undeniable talent as a once-hard techno mixer turned minimal trend-setter, playing a diverse blend of deep minimal, techno and house music with classic technical skills. Behind the scenes Tim has made himself a great reputation as a mastering engineer doing mix-downs, digital and vinyl mastering for clients such as Wagon Repair, Spectral, Minus, and Clink. He has become an underground secret, a doctor of audio, and has had his hands on the output of many of our favorite artists. As a producer Tim's sound is admired, analyzed and followed, with a personal style that is overflowing with maturity and fluent simplicity. He is a techno Beethoven, deep, dark and emotional, and lets his tracks breath by manipulating a few simple ideas in each experience.

Tim is most currently noted for his involvement as a main artist on one of the most fast-rising labels from America, Clink Recordings, and also works with Tony Rohr as the Afternoon Coffee Boys.

11.08.2014 We welcome the labels Amam, La Peña and Brouqade


Amam is a record project from Alessio Mereu. Founded in 2010, the record company is inspired by contemporary forms of production, through personal elaboration of rhythm and sounds in a primarily techno and house genre. It explores the stylistic uniformity of contemporary music without a singular identity. A style of production without genre that has primarily the emotional impact of the artist influenced by experiences of the times. A work of art that takes from a large canvas and varies thanks to the innovation of instruments available. It is able to influence through classical, jazz, funk and modern sounds the new music and elements without time. With this ideal it aims to create a solid foundation that can contribute to making Amam strong in the international scene, in a group effort to sustain underground music.

La Peña is a label for friends to meet up, live, and release the music they love. Founded by Einzelkind in 2007, La Peña is a label for friends to meet up, live, and release the music they love. Artists: La Pena, Einzelkind, Christian Burkhardt, Sascha Dive, Markus Fix & more …

Brouqade is a record label based in Berlin and founded in 2007. Brouqade is not only the fruit of unbridled optimism but first but foremost the result of determination. We intend to completely devote our long-lived experience within the realms of DJing / producing and urban nightlife to the release of electronic music. "Its experimental music to dance to... We want to show that there is more than a trend... The label follows no trend, no hype... We wanna create our own trend, BUT also with styles of music we are, open minded. The focus is on the music!" This label is made by Dana Ruh, Ann M Cazal & Anthea Marie.

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