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19.09.2014 Out now! sunshine live Vol. 51

ssl51 banner.png

What a madness this was: after the huge success of the last listener-compiled Vol.50, here we go again: the new sunshine live, vol. 51 album - with again more tracks and hits! How come? Quite simple: the length of the album is now like 3 albums. All are brim-full with the latest tunes and stunners from your favourite radio station's daily programme and DJ shows - sunshine live! On top you will get a complete DJ mix. The new musical concept features the current hits of Armin Van Buren, Tiesto, ATB, Hardwell, Scooter, Steve Aoki, Showtek, Parov Stelar, Mr. Probz & Robin Schulz, Moguai and many more…The full range of electronic dance music from Trance, Progressive House, Dance, UK-House to Deep House and even „EDM“. As always, the download version is available at all stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

For more information, shop links and the trailer, please visit: sunshine live Vol. 51

12.09.2014 We welcome "Welcome To Masomenos (WTM)


The so funky duo Masomenos, is a productive partnership between Joan Costes, a graphic designer and DJ, and Adrien de Maublanc, a producer and sound engineer. They both clearly have a ball with ‘Welcome to Masomenos' an audio-visual system they use to produce their spontaneous, lighthearted, psychedelic, no limits universe. It is a place where their 'Friends', a mischievous and multicolored bunch of animals that appeal to children have chosen to set up home with lots of other crazy characters in their outrageous, souk-style, flashy fuchsia colored shop that is simply unmissable, located at Masomenos, 34 rue du Mont-Thabor, Paris 1. During hugely funny and inevitably brightly colored initiatives, the planet of Masomenos never ceases to revolve around, you will have guessed, its own very special sun - music. Because it is music and music alone, a passion shared by these two love- birds, that is the source, the reason, the vehicle, the springboard from which everything else follows. Working like this they've released 4 albums, and over 30 eps and made lots of design collaboration, but that's another part of the story…

05.09.2014 We welcome Mendo and his Clarisse Records!


Created in 2003, Clarisse Records illustrates Mendo’s vision of electronic music. Releasing regularly his heartcrushes produced by strongly established internationally known artists or helping newcomers who deserve to be highlighted on the scene. During their Events "Clarisse Nights", Mendo & the Clarisse DJs team make the demonstration of their combined talents and welcome the best headliner guests evolving in a musical universe close to theirs, bringing the best of the current scene on every date. Compound of experienced artists evolving in the best european clubs for several years, carefully selected for the quality of their musical selection and their dexterity behind the decks, the Clarisse DJs roster is the guarantee to benefit from the best for the success of your parties. The artist roster includes Mendo, George Morel, Oxia, Kiko, Technasia, Chab & JD Davis, Quartero, Danny Serrano, Nikola Gala and many more ...

27.08.2014 We welcome Caduceus Empirical


Moving deeper into the science of the body and its movements, Caduceus Records is proud to launch the new Caduceus Empirical sublabel, dedicated to experimental studies in rhythms and exercises designed to attune the ear to the inner pulse. As the Caduceus is a symbol of the duality of the material and spiritual world, its Empirical side will embrace more completely the spiritual by releasing explorations into the inner realms while keeping the material side still within sight. Inspired by the legacies of Chain Reaction, Mille Plateaux, IDM, and classic experimental electronic music, Caduceus Empirical will focus on the deeper and more ambient side of sound. The rhythmic structures will still remain, but here they will be emphasized less strongly in favor of textural melodic elements that fully immerse the listener in a world of sound. Releases will come in the format of full artist digital EPs, with occasional remix efforts that remain in the spirit of the label’s mission. Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates, everything is music.

19.08.2014 We welcome Tristens labels Aim & Berg


Over the past 5 years Berlin born and bred Tristen has made a name for himself as DJ, Producer, as well as label manager and A&R for his own imprints Aim Vinyl and Berg. After having released on labels such as WHITE, Falkplatz and Roundabout Sounds and with productions garnering support from the likes of DJ Koze, Daniel Bell, Âme, and Brotherʼs Vibe he fully committed to his vision of beautifully crafted house music and founded Aim Vinyl in 2010. With a continuous flow of remarkable releases by artist like Moomin, Christopher Rau, Lowtec, Oliver Deutschmann and others and its puristic trademark design, an unmistakable statement for music on record Aim has established itself among vinyl enthusiasts around the world. It is the same keen eye for the detail that can be found in Tristens DJ sets and has gathered him a loyal following far beyond the Berlin club mile. With a distinctive selection track and a unique feel for the crowd he will continue to inspire crowds around the globe.

Aim is the record label run by Berlin-based DJ and producer, Tristen. Born in 2010, Aimʼs mission is to support producers and electronic artist with a characteristic style and a highly sophisticated sound signature. Started in order to make an aesthetic statement, Aim delivers music on record for the sole purpose of its uniqueness and individual beauty. Having released gorgeously crafted house music from the likes of Moomin, Lowtec, Christopher Rau, Oliver Deutschmann, Oskar Offermann, and Flori, Tristen continues to paint his picture with the Aim, honing his craft with a much-lauded display of the musical and the aesthetic.

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