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18.07.2014 Out now! sunshine live Vol. 50


sunshine live is celebrating its 50th compilation. And you have selected the tracks! When the first sunshine live compilation came to the stores in November 2001, we couldn't have imagined this tremendous story of success, not even in our dreams. But now here we are, almost 13 years, 49 compilations and countless top ten chart entries later! The sunshine live compilation has become the most successful compilation series within the German radio scene - last but not least because of your ongoing support. We want to celebrate this very special number of that series with a big anniversary edition, and that's why you will get a very special 'Best of sunshine live': the top 50 tracks from all sunshine live compilations that have been released so far. From 2001 until today…from sunshine live vol. 1 to 49…just the very best from the last years!

And this time, the decision which tracks would make it to this 3 album anniversary compilation was totally up to YOU! On the sunshine live website ( , you had the chance to select up to 5 tracks from the 500 best tracks of the past years. And here is the official result!

For more information, shop links and the trailer, please visit: sunshine live Vol. 50

06.07.2014 We welcome Tim Green and his "Disc Over Music"!


Neoteric in concept, Disc Over is an exciting new imprint from which Tim Green will unleash some of his most colourful musical creations, elevating the quintessentially divergent roots of Tim’s music to new heights. The label will afford him the opportunity to be considerably more diverse in his musical output, showcasing a meticulously curated selection of work from up-and-comers and, of course, his peers. An extension of Tim’s personality and current tastes, Disc Over promises to be a sound foundation for forward-thinking music.

28.06.2014 Out now! "Café del Mar, Volume 20 (XX)"


There can only be one Chill Out and Lounge compilation series being the market leader and it certainly is the „Café del Mar“ series. There have since been many imitators, but only one true „Café del Mar“. No other album will reaffirm further this very simple statement than Volume 20 with exclusive tracks from Nightmares On Wax, Goldfrapp, Thievery Corporation, Rae & Christian , Penguin Café, Moby, M83, Morcheeba and Boards of Canada. We´re proud to distribute this tremendous album „Café del Mar, Volume 20 (XX)“ digitally.

Café del Mar (Catalan: [kəˈfe ðəɫ ˈma], Spanish: [kaˈfe ðel mar]; "Sea Café") is a lounge and bar located in Sant Antoni de Portmany on the magic island Ibiza. The special look of the „Café del Mar“ was designed by a Catalan architect, Lluis Güell. In 1994, the first official “Café del Mar” album was released, which also included at this time works by world-renowned artists. The „Café del Mar“ is - beside the special music taste which can described as „balearic ambient, easy listening music“ - known for its famous sunsets.

28.06.2014 Out now! "Boytronic - The Original Maxi-Singles Collection" (Pokorny)


The band Boytronic was founded 1983 and no other band has so boast a varied history. Similar to Camouflage or their Idols „Depeche Mode“, Boytronic become quite the electronic synth pop prescribed also. With their first single "You" they landed immediately a worldwide hit, quickly established itself as 80s classics. Also the first album "The Working Model" with another single from the album, "Diamonds And Loving Arms" sold very well. Particularly noteworthy was the collaboration with the then very fashionable producer Bobby Orlando. The first single of the second album "Man In A Uniform", the song "Hurts" was proposed. In the meantime, also "Late Night Satellite" was published, a great radio success was on the album but unfortunately not found space. There were arguments with the former record company that also attracted disputes within the band, and provided the naming rights remained with the producers. In 1988 the album "Love For Sale“ with singles like „Do not Let Me Down," "Love for Sale" and "Tears" were released which found many enthusiasm in Euro disco area. In recent publications, however, it is not the original cast, but an artificially generated by the record company project with other musicians. Today, the original Boytronic members are reunited and planning a new album. This compilation with of all maxi-singles which were released between 1983-1989 gives a comprehensive overview of the work of this band that once shaped the sound of the 80s with.

28.06.2014 Exclusive movie premiere "Stiller Frühling" from Nico Sommer at YouTube and Vimeo


The new label "Darling Berlin", which also brings the movie „Love Steaks“ into the cinemas, stands for fresh and uncommon independent movies from the German capital. Often underfunded but with so much the more lifeblood, a whole new generation of filmmakers and actors is shooting comical, touching, down-to-earth movies. No conventions. No compromises. With lightness and a bizarre humour. The hearts of the Berlin audience are already captured, and daredo media has now set itself to make these movies accessable to the rest of the world. To reach this, all possible channels will be served. Some movies will start with a classic cinema start, other films will be starting on VOD platforms. Furthermore some movies will be available for fee. „Stiller Frühling“ from Nico Sommer and starring Tom Lass, Thorsten Kaphahn, Livia S. Reinhard is such an example. Starting this weekend, the movie is available at YouTube and Vimeo in full length on the channel "Darling Berlin".

The movie is about Sebastian, who is 21 and has never been with a woman. His patience is at an end! However, neither the advice of his sprightly grandfather nor the abstruse methods of his therapist can really help him ease to reach out to others. Slowly he begins to break out of his thoughts jungle ....

Trailer: Stiller Frühling, Film: Stiller Frühling

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