123659Acclaimed Russian producer, DJ and live musician Kito Jempere is back with a stunning second album, this time on Italian label Hell Yeah. Entitled Sea Monster, the seven track album is a fantastic fusion of live instrumentation and electronic production.


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Seven ambient tracks with progressive elements originating from glitch and acid quote the physical theory of a disembodied universe in the midst of an unlimited amount of parallel universes. Velve takes us into this other world by means of a poem, in which the term pointless indicates a political dimension.The confrontation with earthly reality consisting of squares and premonitions of war leads to catharsis and a looking-back on love, light and meditation.

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115983TOTEM & TABOU ​is a multidisciplinary project. It is rooted in music, architecture, graphic arts and computer programming. The album is progressive and organic, but also serves as the vessel, the engine and the messenger for the artistic discourse. This miscellany represents the culmination of more than two years of composing, designing and building, thinking, illustrating, researching and experimenting.

Please experience “Totem & Tabou” yourself here

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