Out Now: Michael Kohlbecker - Alter Ego Design (EBR)

Alter Ego Design, the 2nd Album of Michael Kohlbecker, reflects the whole range of different styles of 30 different projects hundreds of releases on many labels in the last 26 years, developing to a new kind of sound electro to techno. The song “Retailiation” defines a new kind of electronic style starting the bridge until the title “Electrorzist”. That song is banging the dancefloors as a new dark techno hymn, mixing the “Emily Rose” Exorzist Theme with the classical Ballet Nussknacker. Also the the song “Fxck the system” with the words of Klaus Kinski describes the contemporary the techno culture and is a perfect opener for every techno oder dark tech Set. The versions with the female artist “Schastn” also with the female artist “Paradoxa” accomplish the album.

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