Out on Panicroom: Christian Hornbostel - Ohmic (Traxsource Exclusive)

133168Welcome to Panicroom! Christian Hornbostel is the first artist who enters the Label Panicroom! With an energetic three-track EP named Ohmic we are honoured to have such an incredible and successful artist in the Label. With „Ohmic“ the listener drops into a energetic and pulsing beat, combined with a deep hypnotic bassline, dark overflowing soundscapes and bells that lead you into a dancing hypnose. This track just catches you. „Ohmic (Reprise)“ sends you rolling tech house grooves with a full bodied bass and stimmulating synthesizers that opens up and touches a bright atmosphere. „Channeling“ sends some peak hour vibes. Rubbing between percussive synths and pumping grooves. Always in a rotating motion of deep that floating vibes that lead into a impulsive atmosphere that push forward. Panicroom is delighted to collaborate with Christian and his Ohmic EP!


Available at Traxsource exclusively (Febr.19 – March 5)