Out Now: Midiminuit - Hôtel Costes presents...STUDIO HC #02

148215«Hôtel Costes presents…» is a collection of exclusive music recorded at Studio HC, the hotel studio. The second maxi, STUDIO HC #02 by Midiminuit is a modern trip where classical and jazz music meet modular synths. Four tracks as a teaser of their upcoming album. MidiMinuit is a collaborative project between pianist Julien Quentin, bass player Yonatan Levi and electronic musicians Cesar Merveille & Adrien de Maublanc.
Four experts in their respective fields are harmoniously combining their music creating a new entity. From the very first recording sessions in a ephemeral studio in Berlin, a set of rules has been made, the first one being working from 12pm to 12am, which gave birth to the name ‘MidiMinuit’, meaning “midday midnight”. The result of this unique and unusual formation is an elegant and minimalistic constellation where space is given to let the music breathe. All the tracks on this first album were improvised, catching the essence and the fragility of the original jams.

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