150077We totally get it if you associate Portugal mainly with stunning nature, an incredible coastline and its warmhearted residents. Yet we would like to add another very worthwile aspect to your list: The Casino Royal. Familiar to many of our listeners already since we are proud to have released three albums of the Portuguese Band so far, The Casino Royal returns with a best of that sums up 10 years full of music and a unique sense of life. As the name implies James Bond fans will feel at home. Seductive and dreamy themes meet bold brass and an endless stream of groove and swing carries the audience. Always on board: Patricia Roque whose singing offers everything from awe-inspiring goosebumps to exulting emotions.But there’s more: Confirmed Bossa Nova fans will get their money’s worth just as all Lounge and hand-made music maniacs. Thrown from one mood into another by jumping from song to song this musical collection promises its listeners an unforgettable journey rich in variety and simply on point.

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It’s time for something fresh and new. From the beginning of 2020 we will close the site www.digedo.com and route to our new URL and brand YOMU Distribution. For our partners and retailers nothing will change, except from our Email contacts.

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Former Nuclear Blast veteran launches brand new record label, NOBLE DEMON!

Kicking off into this Black Friday with the probably best news for all metalheads and heavy music lovers: Patrick Walch, has announced the launch of his brand new record label, NOBLE DEMON! The former head of the digital department at Nuclear Blast has teamed up with music- and film business expert, Joachim Keil, CEO of the renowned UCM.ONE, as well as product manager Thorsten Kriebus and PR agency ALL NOIR, to start up a new and innovative chapter of not only a record- but also publishing company for the rising underground as well as known heavy bands.

5de0e477d582ePatrick Walch: “Following the launch of my successful agency Suricate Music earlier this year, which provides major level support in digital marketing, online promotion, social media, consulting and digital strategy, I felt the urge to work even closer with artists and support a couple of bands long-term by signing them to my own label. Beside handling digital distribution and providing the full range of my agency services to my artists, it was the best possible choice to team up with Joachim Keil (UCM.ONE) who brings decades of expertise in distribution of music and films, publishing and therefore in the ever-so-important sync section to the table. With his knowledge and background, my experience as head of digital sales and online marketing for twelve years at the planet’s biggest indie metal label Nuclear Blast, we didn‘t have to think twice when we saw the opportunity to get ALL NOIR on board as our PR agency. Mona Miluski, longtime and former head of promotion at Napalm Records, who successfully started her own PR agency almost 2 years ago, and her colleague Dominik Goncalves dos Reis will be adding top-notch experience and best contacts in the PR area to our team.

We are convinced that together with Soulfood and Daredo as our distributors we are offering an unprecedented global structure on a major level but as a small team we are more flexible and dynamic than any other label out there enabling us to move mountains. Not to mention that we are fucking hot for sick new rock- and metal bands!

To NOBLE DEMON’s already eclectic artist roster belong high class names such as the Melodic Death Doom project DAWN OF SOLACE, Colombia/US Death Metal unit NO RAZA, Swedish Black Metal masters NIGHT CROWNED and Swiss Thrash Metal overlords GOMORRA, with many more to be announced soon. The first album in early 2020 under the flag of NOBLE DEMON will be the hotly anticipated album by Wolfheart / Before The Dawn mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen, DAWN OF SOLACE!

NOBLE DEMON has announced the re-release of DAWN OF SOLACE’s debut album, The Darkness, after 13 years and made it available in digital formats. Purchase your copy of this timeless metal classic or stream it now on all digital platforms, HERE!

Stay tuned for many more noble news and heavy as hell record releases coming soon on NOBLE DEMON! For more info, follow your new favorite label on:

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