The daredo history:

daredo GmbH and daredo publishing GmbH have been founded in spring 2004, and only a few month later, daredo GmbH took over the trademarks and master rights from the formally UCMG companies in Germany. In the next step, the daredo music GmbH was formed as a subsidiary of the daredo GmbH, being a new, modern and – at the time – still called “record company”. With these three companies – daredo GmbH (for digital business, distribution and online stores), daredo music GmbH (for master rights) and daredo publishing GmbH (for publishing rights) -, the basic setup was established, with the head office being located in Neulussheim (Germany). daredo publishing took over the formally UCMG publishing catalogue and signed a worldwide long-term co-publishing agreement with EMI Music Publishing. daredo music signed a distribution deal with Intergroove Media Germany. In autumn 2004, the first releases on Mole Listening Pearls (Lemongrass, Science Fiction Jazz Vol. 8, compiled by Minus 8), Plastic City (Gui Boratto, Soda Inc.), Luxury House (…for a fabulous midnight anywhere) and [kju] (OHM-G) were released.

At the beginning of the year, the daredo office moved to Mannheim (Germany). Out of these new premises, the restart of the legendary Harthouse label, as well as the new start of Circle Music were organized. Furthermore, the online store humpty.de was relaunched, the new version being equipped with a totally new and much more powerful backend. In the following weeks, a lot of new features were added as well, i.e. new sections for hardware (iPods, iPod Shuffle etc.) and downloads. Apple (iTunes) and daredo signed several contracts for different iTunes stores everywhere in the world (including Europe, the U.S., Canada, Japan and Australia), with all new releases being offered at the iTunes Music Stores subsequently. Also the back catalogues of labels from the likes of Mole Listening Pearls, Plastic City, Harthouse and Noom Records were added step by step.

On January 22nd, Yonderboi won the Hungarian “Fonogram Award” for the best electronic album “Splendid Isolation”, which was released in the previous year on Mole Listening Pearls. In 2006, daredo started the digital distribution aggregator ‘dtunes’, which was one of the first professional solutions to distribute digital content coming from various labels on a single platform. Beatport and daredo signed a contract regarding music downloads. On December, 17th the download store TrackTracker went online. Also in December, Mole Listening Pearls celebrated its 10th anniversary with the special release “Mole 75 – Ten Years of Mole Listening Pearls” with exclusive tracks by Mole artists, a special artwork and a bonus DVD with videos.

The digital distribution aggregator dtunes changed its name to digedo. At this time, humpty.de was available in English and German, and in summer 2007, Dutch was added. TrackTracker became the main sponsor for the program “House Rotation” on the biggest German electronic music radio “Sunshine Live”. EMI Music Publishing and daredo Publishing renewed a sync-deal for the track “De-Phazz – Mambo Craze” with L’Oreal for Garnier Ambre Solaire for Europe. daredo signed several co-operation and technical DSP deals with MTunes/deeep.net, based in Hamburg (Germany), as well as a distribution deal with the Eukatech label from London (United Kingdom).

The year started for daredo music with an entry in the “Bravo Charts”, the biggest German magazine for teenagers, on position #2, followed by the first entry into the official Media Control Charts in Germany with the single “Zeit Meines Lebens” by Martin Stosch (label: UCA) on position #32. Also the follow ups by Martin Stosch, “Geh Nicht Einfach Weg!” (German Media Control Single Charts #79 – UCA), “Have You Found…?” by Lisa Bund & Martin Stosch (German Media Control Single Charts #92 – UCA) and the Martin Stosch album “7teen” (German Media Control Album Charts #82 – UCA) entered the official charts in Germany. Also, UCA artists Martin Stosch and Königwerq played live at the ZDF Fernsehgarten show in Mainz. Later that year, digedo became one of the first digital German contract partners of Amazon digital (amazon.mp3). On August 13th, the label “Plastic City” started the weekly “Plastic City Radio Show” on Radio Ibiza Sonica. Every Wednesday (10 – 11 pm) and Saturday (9 – 10 pm), Lukas Greenberg, Gorge, Terry Lee Brown Junior, The Timewriter and other Plastic City artists play the deepest and hottest Tech-House tunes on the island. At the same time, the label “Time Unlimited” and the German sample and sound design company “Ueberschall” launched their “Trance ID 2″ remix contest. In December, the new German TV canal iMusic1 from Frankfurt (Germany) chose “It’s Christmas Time” by RecAllstars, a song with vocals from Aida, Nektarius, Martin Stosch, Julia Falke, Laura Pozo Martin, Carollina Escolano, Arcangelo Vigneri, Dascha Semcov, Judith Burmeister, Trevor Penick, Didi Koblauch, Steffi List, Vanessa Jean Dedmon and Room 2012 as their “Official iMusic1 Christmas Hymn 2008″.

Groove Alliance started as a specialised distribution system for back-catalogues and special interest CDs, forming an additional distribution channel to sell products on a long term basis. TrackTracker contracted a strategic cooperation with the internet radio station “We Love House FM”. digedo signed distribution deals with the renowned Playhouse and Klang Elektronik labels from Frankfurt (Germany). In cooperation with Pioneer, daredo music released “Pioneer Pro DJ presents Gayle San .network”, a special product with exclusive tracks from well-known Techno DJs from the likes of Cari Lekebusch, Gayle San, Glenn Wilson, Space DJz and Jay Denham on the label Equator. Each track featured a special video on a separate DVD.

In February, daredo took over the deeep.net system, the technical branch of the MTunes/deeep.net operation based in Hamburg. This step happened within the merger between the distribution department of MTunes/deeep.net and Believe Digital, based in Paris (France). At the same time, TopTrax (a ZYX company) and digedo signed a long term distribution contract. Due to this deal and another new distribution partnership with the Starwood Media company, digedo, as a new digital distributor in the market, was able to celebrate seven charts entries with the compilations “Sunshine Live Vol. 33 – 36″ (TopTrax/ZYX), “Nature One 2010″ (TopTrax/ZYX), “Tronic Love Vol. 3″ (StereoFever/Starwood Media) and the single “The Flag Keeps Flying” by Nature One Inc. (TopTrax/ZYX). daredo publishing signed a new long-term co-publishing deal with BMG Rights Management, based in Berlin (Germany). In autumn that year, the next development was announced: the Deeep Producer. This tool brings customers and partners (label or aggregators) the full control over the delivery of the digital distribution of their catalogue without any XML knowledge, using a simple way of entering label copies and uploading master and artwork files. One of the first customers which started to work with the Deeep Producer was Cocoon Recordings from Frankfurt (Germany) in the course of their signing to the technical service deeep.net at the end of 2010.

Because of the steady growth of the Groove Alliance distribution service, the next logical step was the purchase of an own CD manufacturing machine for small quantities. Since then it is possible to produce quantities of less than 500 copies from back catalogue releases or new albums from upcoming but yet not well-known artists in the CD market. In spring, daredo music was able to sign long-term deals with two major brandings from Ibiza (Spain): from now on, daredo music releases the new “Bambuddha Grove” and “Atzaro” compilations of the current seasons. Also Olaf Gutbrod (aka Ohm-G), a well-known producer based in Ibiza, signed a long term label and publishing deal with daredo music (Eivissabeat) and daredo publishing. Besides this, daredo music announced a new administration and label deal with Greg Silver’s and Chico Chiquita’s 120db label, home of Laserkraft 3D, Falko Niestolik & BK Duke, Wishes & Dreams, Dirt onE, Groovejuice and The Palatinates. The digital service provider deeep.net added many new and important interfaces with companies from the likes of Google (US), Rdio (US), Simfy (Germany) and Zvooq (Russia). The digital distribution branch of digedo reached eight chart entries in 2011, including the two albums “Passive Control” by Yonderboi (Mole Listening Pearls) and “Subsignal” by Touchtones (Golden Core), as well as the single “FFF” by Eichensohn & Davenstedt (Proton Records). On the end of December, daredo acquired the community portal Uptrax (www.uptrax.com) with currently 135.000 members. Uptrax provides a platform for musicians, producers, labels and fans. Unknown newcomers have the chance to publish their tracks at Uptrax and introduce them to a large audience. By voting titles into the charts, the community has direct influence on the music of the future and the trends of tomorrow. A special feature of Uptrax is the weekly chart radio show on “Sunshine live” radio.

daredo music started the new year with the establishment of a new department for “special marketing” with an own field service for business partners. The digital distribution service digedo started the year with a top 20 entry (# 19) in the official Media Control German album charts with “Götterdämmerung” by Megaherz. During the first half of the year, digedo also started the digital distribution of books and movies, the first movies being classics from Alfred Hitchcock like “Murder!”, “Mary”, “The Ring” and “Juno And The Paycock”, as well as Science Fiction films like “Running Man”, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and “Dune”, directed by David Lynch. In autumn, daredo announced the introduction of its CMC (Content Management Console) with a back-end for all customers (of both the digital distribution digedo as well as the technical service provider deeep.net) with direct access to all essential tools for day-to-day work, including sophisticated statistics, a fast overview of the development of sales, downloads and streamings, easy download of statements as PDF and/or Excel file and an individual, comfortable User Management. The CMC also includes a cloud service for the content, including the secure creation of download links to provide business partners with mp3 or wave files of released and upcoming tracks.

The year 2013 brings some major steps already in the first quarter: digedo digital distribution opened representatives in Berlin (Germany), London (UK) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands). The digital service provider deeep.net welcomes new customers like Nuclear Blast, the world’s leading independent Heavy Metal label, and Intergroove, one of the leading distribution companies in Germany. Furthermore, Uptrax and daredo music are responsible for the famous “Sunshine live Compilations” from now on. Besides that, the growing importance of the DVD and film department at the daredo music GmbH (a subsidiary company of daredo GmbH) caused the company to change its name to „daredo media GmbH“ with new staff being hired and new fields of business to be opened. From now on, the company daredo media GmbH operates with two departments called „daredo music“ and „daredo pictures“ and two separate teams. daredo pictures starts the movie label „Darling Berlin“ for for fresh and uncommon independent movies from the German capital. The IT department introduced the „CMC Video Producer“, which is a completely new programmed console to upload, manage and statistically review the uploaded video content. The „CMC Video Producer“ is totally integrated in the Content Management Console (CMC) for our technical customers (deeep.net) and our distributed labels (digedo). In 2013, digedo reached eight charts position in Europe (digital releases) while daredo music entered the official German compilation charts (physical releases) four times.

The movie „Love Steaks“ by Jakob Lass, which already received all four advancement awards at the Filmfest Munich 2013 for the first time in history, namely “Best Movie”, “Best Production”, “Best Theatrical Performance” and “Best Script” and having been listed in the pre-selection for the German Filmpreis 2014, won also the Max-Ophüls-Preis in January 2014. „Love Steaks“ is the first movie on the new label Darling Berlin which will have a national wide release on the 27th of March 2014 at the German cinemas via daredo pictures (a division of daredo media GmbH). Furthermore, the Grand Prize of the Saarland First Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer was awarded to Nico Sommer for “Familienfieber”, which is one of the next movies that daredo pictures will take care of. The digital service provider deeep.net welcomes Napalm Records, one of the biggest independent Heavy Metal label based in Austria and Berlin.

Official Music Chart Positions:2005:
Yonderboi – Splendid Isolation (Mole Listening Pearls/daredo music/CLS), # 3 Hungary (Album)


Martin Stosch – Zeit meines Lebens (UCA/daredo music/Intergroove/digedo), # 30 Germany (Single)
Martin Stosch – Geh nicht einfach Weg! (UCA/daredo music/Intergroove/digedo), # 79 Germany (Single)
Lisa Bund & Martin Stosch – Have You Found (UCA/daredo music/Intergroove/digedo), # 92 Germany (Single)
Martin Stosch – 7Teen (UCA/daredo music/Intergroove/digedo), # 82 Germany (Album)


Sunshine live, Vol. 32 (Toptrax/ZYX/digedo), # 12 Germany (Compilation)
DJ Hagen Kiev, Eastchild & Franky Miller – Arabian Legend (Eastchild/daredo music/Müzik/digedo), # 5 Turkey (Single)


Sunshine live, Vol. 33 (Toptrax/ZYX/digedo), # 8 Germany (Compilation)
Sunshine live, Vol. 34 (Toptrax/ZYX/digedo), # 7 Germany (Compilation)
Nature One 2010 – The Flag Keeps Flying (Toptrax/ZYX/digedo), # 28 Germany (Compilation)
Nature One Inc. – The Flag Keeps Flying (Toptrax/ZYX/digedo), # 87 Germany (Single)
Sunshine live, Vol. 35 (Toptrax/ZYX/digedo), # 9 Germany (Compilation)
bigFM Tronic Love, Vol. 3 (StereoFever/Starwood/Intergroove/digedo), # 20 Germany (Compilation)
Sunshine live, Vol. 36 (Toptrax/ZYX/digedo), # 14 Germany (Compilation)


Sunshine live, Vol. 37 (Toptrax/ZYX/digedo), # 8 Germany (Compilation)
Sunshine live, Vol. 38 (Toptrax/ZYX/digedo), # 11 Germany (Compilation)
Live At Wacken 2010 – 21 Years: Faster, Harder, Louder (Golden Core/ZYX/digedo), # 20 Germany (Compilation)
Sunshine live, Vol. 39 (Toptrax/ZYX/digedo), # 9 Germany (Compilation)
Yonderboi – Passive Control (Mole Listening Pearls/daredo music/CLS/digedo), # 5 Hungary (Album)
Subsignal – Touchtones (Golden Core/ZYX/digedo), # 53 Germany (Album)
Eichensohn & Davenstedt – FFF (Proton Records/daredo music/digedo), # 100 Germany (Single)
Sunshine live, Vol. 40 (Toptrax/ZYX/digedo), # 22 Germany (Compilation)


Megaherz – Götterdämmerung (Golden Core/ZYX/digedo), # 19 Germany (Album)
Sunshine live, Vol. 41 (Toptrax/ZYX/digedo), # 8 Germany (Compilation)
Zagar – Never The Same (Mole Listening Pearls/daredo music/digedo), # 12 Hungary (Single)
Sunshine live, Vol. 42 (Toptrax/ZYX/digedo), # 18 Germany (Compilation)
Sunshine live, Vol. 43 (Toptrax/ZYX/digedo), # 15 Germany (Compilation)
Sven Väth in the Mix: The Sound of the Thirteenth Season (Cocoon Recordings/Alive/digedo), # 19 Germany (Compilation)
Sunshine live, Vol. 44 (Toptrax/ZYX/digedo), # 22 Germany (Compilation)


Sunshine live, Vol. 45 (Uptrax/daredo music/Intergroove/digedo), # 8 Germany (Compilation)
Zagar – Light Leaks (Mole Listening Pearls/daredo music/digedo), # 17 Hungary (Album)
Sunshine live, Vol. 46 (Uptrax/daredo music/Intergroove/digedo), # 11 Germany (Compilation)
The Peacemaker Project – It Really Hurts (Peacemaker Recordings/digedo), # 98 Germany (Single)
Massiv – Blut gegen Blut 3 (Al Massiva/Intergroove/digedo), # 4 Germany (Album)
Sunshine live, Vol. 47 (Uptrax/daredo music/Intergroove/digedo), # 6 Germany (Compilation)
Zagar – Space Medusa (Mole Listening Pearls/daredo music/digedo), # 27 Hungary (Single)
Sunshine live, Vol. 48 (Uptrax/daredo music/Intergroove/digedo), # 20 Germany (Compilation)


Wishbone Ash – Blue Horizon (Solid House Diamonds/Intergroove/digedo), # 74 Germany (Album)
Sunshine live, Vol. 49 (Uptrax/daredo music/Intergroove/digedo), # 8 Germany (Compilation)
Café del Mar, Vol. 20 (XX) (Café del Mar Music/H’Art/digedo), # 14 Germany (Compilation)
Café del Mar, Vol. 20 (XX) (Café del Mar Music/H’Art/digedo), # 20 Switzerland (Compilation)
Sunshine live, Vol. 50 (Uptrax/daredo music/Indigo/digedo), # 7 Germany (Compilation)
John Garcia – John Garcia (Napalm Records/digedo), # 91 Belgium (Album)
Alestorm – Sunset On The Golden Age (Napalm Records/digedo), # 89 Belgium (Album)
Sunshine live, Vol. 51 (Uptrax/daredo music/Indigo/digedo), # 5 Germany (Compilation)


Official Movie Chart Positions:2014:
Love Steaks (D: J. Lass, P: I. Schiller, G. Schultz | Filmuniversität Babelsberg/Darling Berlin/daredo media/BeMovie), # 30 Germany (# 8 Arthouse)
Love Steaks (D: J. Lass, P: I. Schiller, G. Schultz | Filmuniversität Babelsberg/Darling Berlin/daredo media/Polyfilm), # 18 Austria