Digital Distribution

Professional digital exploitation

digedo is one of the leading independent digital music distribution companies in Europe. Presently our repertoire consists of 350.000+ tracks from more than 650 label partners and we work with over 450 digital music stores and streaming portals all over the world. All labels have access to our Content Management Console (CMC) to create, release and manage their catalogue including sophisticated statistics, sales overviews and a comfortable user interface. The CMC also includes a cloud service including secure one-click creation of download links to provide datas or files to business-partners. Beyond sales and distribution, digedo also does marketing and promotion for key releases of labels and artists.

Because of we are also official partner to all important video platforms, you can add your own video channels (for example YouTube or Dailymotion) to our content-ID system and we can spot and monetize your content (or even snippets and audio recordings with visuals from fans) for you. And if you don´t have your own channel, you can easily upload your music video, movie or any other audiovisual content on one of our channels and we monetize your content via AVOD (advertised-video-on-demand). Furthermore we can help you to block (or monetize) your audio or audiovisual content which are uploaded from third parties.

Our distribution service relies on a proprietary and constantly enhanced technology platform. We also distributes movies, digital Audiobooks, eBooks and Apps. Our film department daredo distribution is specialized – beside selling DVDs and Blu-Rays – in digital placement of movies and series on all major film portals. The digital exploitation enclose movies and series via VOD (video-on-demand) incl. SVOD (subscription-video-on-demand) and/or TVOD (transaction-video-on-demand) as well as EST (electronic-sell-throuh) / DTO (download-to-own). Because of this, digedo can also aggregate full concert films to portals like Amazon Video, Netflix, Google Play, maxdome, Videoload, Microsoft X-Box, Sony Playstation or iTunes.

Some of our distributed audio releases:


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