Physical Distribution

Different physical distribution setups for individual requirements

In these days, physical distribution is sometimes still very important. However, it is also important to have the right team in place, that knows which kind of product they have in their hands. Because of this fact, we decided to adjust our work to get the right structure for each release. Basically, we release movies physically (DVD, Blu-Ray, 3D Blu-Ray) via our own distribution team in Frankfurt. Sometimes we release music on CD via our own team as well, sometimes we work with third parties and their structures (e.g. Soulfood Music, Indigo) while music on vinyl is mostly distributed in cooperation with DBH Distribution (Frankfurt) and Prime Direct Distribution (London). When we distribute vinyl, we sometimes also offer a P&D deal to our labels. It all depends on the genre, the expectations and the premeditated defined targets. On top of this, we also run a small special interest distribution for small quantities and collector items.


 daredo distribution

Since October 2014, we also run a physical distribution department based in Frankfurt. This distribution is specialized in DVDs and Blu-Rays and releases a wide range of genres from Arthouse movies (e.g. “Love Steaks”, “Kaptn Oskar” and “Familienfieber”) to Trash and Horror movies (e.g. “Sharknado 3″, “Hänsel vs. Gretel” and “The Dead 2″). The physical distribution works closely with the digital movie department in order to get the best timing possible for our tuned release policy and product placement. The team also distributes a well-selected music catalogue of releases we also distribute digitally. daredo distribution, a division of daredo GmbH, is working also closely together with Soulfood Music in matters of visits of sales force in local stores and by using Sony’s logistics for shipping the products.

Groove Alliance

Groove Alliance, a division of daredo GmbH, is a specialized distribution system for music back catalogue and special interest CDs and vinyls. It is not a replacement for your current music distributor but more like an additional channel to sell your products on a long term basis! Our job is to distribute and stock (sometimes on a fixed rented storage area) small but continuous quantities of CDs and vinyls to special shop systems (for example: amazon in Europe and the US) or we offer your products on different marketplaces (e.g. Discogs). The idea behind this is that in our days we have a lot of good vinyl and CD releases unaltered which get lost in the major distribution chains. Furthermore we keep tab on the fact that new bands and high-quality albums don’t get enough time to develop in the international market before the album stock is returned to the origin label and is lost for the market. Groove Alliance will change this…

Here is (for example) how Groove Alliance works with Amazon:


For more information about our physical distribution offers, please get in contact with us.

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