Video Monetizing

Exploitation of music videos, films and series

TV channels (for example at YouTube or Dailymotion) are important promotion tools for labels and usually linked with social media activities and own homepages. In these days they are an integral part of daily promotional work. In addition, TV channels can also be a profit center if video plays get monetized via license and/or advertising agreements). These revenues becomes more and more increasingly important for repertoire owners (audio & visual rights holder) as a new profit center. If you´re distributed via digedo, we can add your channels to our system and help you to monetize your videos (or even only your audio recordings with visuals from fans). We also can help you monetizing your videos which are uploaded from third parties. If you don´t have your own channel to publish your videos, we also offer our customers to add them to our channels and take care that your videos will be seen by the users and can be monetized.

Some of the audiovisual platforms we work with:

digedo engages in content management and monetizing of video and audio content not only on YouTube, the biggest video network, but also on Dailymotion, MyVideo, MUZU TV, Dailymotion, Vimeo, VEVO etc. Our company gives its clients (artists and labels) the opportunity to completely control their video and audio content on these popular Internet platforms and social networks and to earn additional revenue from them.

Example for pre-roll in stream advertising @ YouTube:


Example for ads-overlay advertising @ YouTube: