133168Welcome to Panicroom! Christian Hornbostel is the first artist who enters the Label Panicroom! With an energetic three-track EP named Ohmic we are honoured to have such an incredible and successful artist in the Label. With „Ohmic“ the listener drops into a energetic and pulsing beat, combined with a deep hypnotic bassline, dark overflowing soundscapes and bells that lead you into a dancing hypnose. This track just catches you. „Ohmic (Reprise)“ sends you rolling tech house grooves with a full bodied bass and stimmulating synthesizers that opens up and touches a bright atmosphere. „Channeling“ sends some peak hour vibes. Rubbing between percussive synths and pumping grooves. Always in a rotating motion of deep that floating vibes that lead into a impulsive atmosphere that push forward. Panicroom is delighted to collaborate with Christian and his Ohmic EP!


Available at Traxsource exclusively (Febr.19 – March 5)

angietaylorAngie Taylor brings her unique style, intense techno and boundless energy to the Clubs & Festivals! Her individual setup has to be seen, electric bass guitar and vocal performance are accompanying her Live,- and DJ setup. A composition of techno- tracks and sequences, mixed with her personal Ableton Live Setup and DJ skills. 

Angie has played bass guitar with Jeff Mills, performed at Fusion Festival in Germany and shortly at the Underworld Club in London, CSD, Peer23, Nachtwandel Mannheim, Hafen49 Opening (Cosmopop,Mannheim), About Blank Berlin and had an article in Bassmag USA (top 10- best female bassplayers) and Faze Mag for example. Her EP Release will be shortly. 

Every month she’s streaming Dj& Live Sets and new music from her upcoming album live out of her panicroom. (www.panicroom.live)

Her idea of music is to  bring people into another room, in other spheres and thus give them the opportunity to travel to their own secret place. 

Close your eyes and enjoy your own Panicroom…