148517Subjam – the Electrified Quartet – is presenting their new Album “a paradigmatic act of representation“. Their last international released album “the return of urban organic groove music” was knighted with positive reviews. The new material is their very own – it sounds dynamically analog and warm and has been jammed and produced in their own studio. A dense network of sounds that come together, overlap, complement each other in a unique way and as compact as they are complex be vibrated for the listener in a variety of ways. While listening to the seven tracks (on CD with bonus track) the common features are quickly clear: the spark of jazz – the spontaneous power of the improvisational collective, that undoubtedly has its roots in the jazz rock era of the seventies. But the path of the sounds put in motion is also leading directly into the nineties, characterized by Fusion, Funk and neo-progressive Rock.

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DJ Nartak’s eighth Nightflight compilation is a symphony for very special moments. Bursting with finest electro-acoustic soundscapes, lovingly selected and framed in 2 mixes with much attention to detail. Based on latest Downtempo and Ambient gems, it’s astonishing to witness the weightless intersection with elements of Modern Classical, Jazz, Alternative, World Music and Folk, all merging into the Nightflight Sound. A subtle, soulful flow enfolds in an inspiring way, full of hope and understated beauty. Enchanting delicate sounds lead into the depth of the night, once in a while freshened up with some cool loungy grooves, underlining DJ Nartak’s gentle art of balance. Being on air at Klassik Radio for more than 11 years, DJ Nartak is a well respected musical pioneer, dedicated to quality productions. For all those, who seek relaxation with style and spirit, step on board for another deep-blue Nightflight voyage.

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Welcome to the Future Jazz Cafe! Lemongrassmusic present Volume 7 of their outstanding compilation series – modern Electronic Jazz tunes sometimes with a slightly extraordinary feel. This compilation sets the right mood for a good time in a bar, a cafe or a stylish restaurant. Enjoy yourselves, get a drink and feel the Jazz vibes!

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