119624_webTake Away is delighted and excited to present the new and absorbing ADE 2016 Sampler Pack. Consisting of some of the hottest hits from this season, each track was carefully selected in order to bring you an experience which is uplifting and atmosphere of sheer magic.

Including tracks from Refeac, Kleiber, Mikalogic, Soulfeed, Miguel Lobo, Nino Santos, Lightem & Remixers Zohki, Frink, Laika & Strelka.

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???????????????????????????????The next release from Berlin’s Kassette Records is ready to rock! This time it’s produced by Laika & Strelka from Hamburg. The musical duo Laika & Strelka come along with Rufus and two powerful new tracks. The arrangement of these two tracks is house in its stately form and ornate with a unique voice. Hands Up: Is playing with tension to bring the “smile in your face”. A good pinch of house sound. The exceptional voice is perfectly tuned to the melody of the track and the balancing act between soul and deepness. Just Us: This house sound ist not for home listening. Gently but extremely expressive and a poignant bassline – this song is perfect for the small floors of the upcoming open air session. The lightness of the song exudes a dizzying energy.

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