Former Nuclear Blast veteran launches brand new record label, NOBLE DEMON!

Kicking off into this Black Friday with the probably best news for all metalheads and heavy music lovers: Patrick Walch, has announced the launch of his brand new record label, NOBLE DEMON! The former head of the digital department at Nuclear Blast has teamed up with music- and film business expert, Joachim Keil, CEO of the renowned UCM.ONE, as well as product manager Thorsten Kriebus and PR agency ALL NOIR, to start up a new and innovative chapter of not only a record- but also publishing company for the rising underground as well as known heavy bands.

5de0e477d582ePatrick Walch: “Following the launch of my successful agency Suricate Music earlier this year, which provides major level support in digital marketing, online promotion, social media, consulting and digital strategy, I felt the urge to work even closer with artists and support a couple of bands long-term by signing them to my own label. Beside handling digital distribution and providing the full range of my agency services to my artists, it was the best possible choice to team up with Joachim Keil (UCM.ONE) who brings decades of expertise in distribution of music and films, publishing and therefore in the ever-so-important sync section to the table. With his knowledge and background, my experience as head of digital sales and online marketing for twelve years at the planet’s biggest indie metal label Nuclear Blast, we didn‘t have to think twice when we saw the opportunity to get ALL NOIR on board as our PR agency. Mona Miluski, longtime and former head of promotion at Napalm Records, who successfully started her own PR agency almost 2 years ago, and her colleague Dominik Goncalves dos Reis will be adding top-notch experience and best contacts in the PR area to our team.

We are convinced that together with Soulfood and Daredo as our distributors we are offering an unprecedented global structure on a major level but as a small team we are more flexible and dynamic than any other label out there enabling us to move mountains. Not to mention that we are fucking hot for sick new rock- and metal bands!

To NOBLE DEMON’s already eclectic artist roster belong high class names such as the Melodic Death Doom project DAWN OF SOLACE, Colombia/US Death Metal unit NO RAZA, Swedish Black Metal masters NIGHT CROWNED and Swiss Thrash Metal overlords GOMORRA, with many more to be announced soon. The first album in early 2020 under the flag of NOBLE DEMON will be the hotly anticipated album by Wolfheart / Before The Dawn mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen, DAWN OF SOLACE!

NOBLE DEMON has announced the re-release of DAWN OF SOLACE’s debut album, The Darkness, after 13 years and made it available in digital formats. Purchase your copy of this timeless metal classic or stream it now on all digital platforms, HERE!

Stay tuned for many more noble news and heavy as hell record releases coming soon on NOBLE DEMON! For more info, follow your new favorite label on:

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146623As one of the most talented and in demand artists in Electronic Dance Music, Talla 2XLC is a true legend and founder of the international club scene. He produced hundreds of big anthems in his own unique style which over the years has evolved into the hard driving euphoric trance we hear today. Its all about uplifting!
Having spinned alongside keyplayers like Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, and remixed/edited trax by Armin van Buuren, deadmau5, Eric Prydz, Markus Schulz, Cosmic Gate, the Prodigy and more…

His new single “The Oasis” os now out on Talla’s very own new label “Thats Trance!”

digedo welcomes Offline, IMPVLSE, Konnekkt Records and Schallinterferenz Records to the family!


OFFLINE was created by Brad Wilder, Christopher Groove and Benjamin Sagan in the recent past. A simple meeting in a bar had produced an exchange of previously unspoken musical urges and desires that would prove you need some chalk with your cheese sometimes.

It unravelled in the Groove Vienna HQ, a flickering thankfully fully soundproofed studio that was so smoke filled it made the Beijing smog look like a pleasant morning in the Maldives. Apparently the expensive acoustic treatment had factored this in and so it proved over these next fun filled weeks and months.

Offline was conceived. Events, gigs, a record label and other stuff. It would look beautiful and breathe quality. Direction and design that would be utterly distinctive. An abandoned puppy was rescued from the wintry streets and named Walter– it was the one occasion they had to walk to the takeaway as the phones had gone offline. Offline would be rather red with neon notes and look gorgeous whatever it put on display. An umbrella that would allow not only the partnership but the individuals to express and flourish  – and loads of other stuff. A record label. Home cooked music to distract and to dance to. Freedom for and collaboration with fellow travellers. Music for sharing and evolving and stir frying with as little oil as possible.Events that would also be quite red and look devastatingly good because of a cutting edge approach to design linked to a sound that went and was Offline. Smaller gigs and collaborations that stretch out somewhere else and unselfconsciously explore locations and opportunities.

Upcoming releases from Felix da Housecat & Jamie Principle

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IMPVLSE is a German newcomer label founded by Alex Martin. Releasing pumping House and Pop Tracks, IMPVLSE is also presenting the UltraViolet Clubshow in the number one club for EDM in Germany; Bootshaus.

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Konnekkt Records
Hard Techno label from Germany run by Dolica.
Dolica was born on 3 May 1986 in Schweinfurt/Germany. Inspired by life and listening techno he began to produce Techno music. Soon the Label “Konnekkt” was born under his hand. The tracks arise by impressions environment and feeling. Also to transfer the energy of the music into the soul of the people is a very big honor and assignment.

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Schallinterferenz Records

Schallinterferenz Records is a young techno label from Berlin. “We mostly produce tracks with a dark atmosphere, but we don’t just commit ourselves to it. We also want to distribute Trance, Deephouse, House, Techhouse and generally relaxed music. Some of our artists have meanwhile made a name for themselves in the German but also foreign techno scene and have also successfully marketed their music on renowned other labels such as Oxytech Rec, Hardwandler Rec, Nachtwandler Rec, Schwarze Frequenz Records, Finder Records and other labels”.

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133872With new track ‘Warschauer Strasse’, Claudio Ricci has created an expansive seven minute workout of twisted synths and deep house drums. The first remix comes from long time techno heavyweight Timo Maas and the prolific and inventive Basti Grub. Their singular remix speeds up the original and layers in fluttering toms and percussive sounds as well as broad, groaning synths and the distant sound of a bustling city at rush hour. Sudam label boss and Ibiza based artist Kintar flips the track into something spacious and haunting. Eerie keys and sweeping synths keep you on edge as the rubbery techno groove rolls on into the night. Bulgarian based Metodi Hristov loves to experiment and has a distinctive techno style that gains support from the likes of Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox and Adam Beyer. In his hands the track becomes a peak time tech banger!

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