116165“Imagination of the Shape” is the slogan ot Plastic City’s current release period. The future of the label is the past and present. Or the present is the future. It depends how you look at it. Plastic City has always meant development. We will stay true our policy of releasing but quality tracks which can be heard and played in years to come. Maybe the upcoming releases will show you this again…
The “Bullets” contains tracks and remixes from none less than Terry Lee Brown Junior, Gorge, SIS, Ruede Hagelstein, Robert Babicz,  Smalltown Collective, Phonique & Tigerskin, Ray Okpara, Nikola Gala, Plastik Funk and many more
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Sticker_RUND_AMA-EventThe second edition of AMA Recordings‘ “Best Of” Series presented by Ray Okpara, including an exclusive mix by Rick Sanders, incl. Tracks & Remixes by Brodanse, Johnny D., Onno, Federico Molinari, Paolo Martini & Paul C, Marko Nastic and many more

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Sticker_RUND_AMA-EventAma Recordings is Ray Okpara’s label from Mannheim, Germany. Amaefule, Ray’s middle name in fact, literally means “your name will never get lost” and it symbolizes the strength of identity we create through music. Ama is also derived from the Latin meaning of love and the philosophy of the label is born out of the affection held for conceiving and sharing quality electronic music. There are no rules about what Ama Recordings will sound like, but it comes from the heart, so expect true house values to be maintained at all times with a natural tip towards the deep and dubby.

The best of compilation includes tracks by Ray Okpara, Nekes, Paul C, Hot City Orchestra, Paolo Martini, Mobius Strum and many more

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15 Years of Oslo Records, the label of Federico Molinari & Nekes, releasing music which straddles the line between House and Techno. The compilation contains tracks from Christian Burkhardt, Federico Molinari, Sascha Dive, Johnny D, Damian Schwartz, Ray Okpara and many more

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