132945In true anniversary spirit, Frieda Musik presents its No. 10 issue. The newest offering from the House of Frieda is called Shizzle Dizzle – a name that lives up to its promise: perfect bum shaking entertainment, happy hormones included. On top of that, we welcome three new artists into the Frieda Musik family: nephew Pasci, Mastra and Pablo. And furthermore, and fantastic as usual, a remix by Ordinary Subject.

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From January 26th:
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124454 zio webFor those who are looking for sunny days and summer nights, the ZIO & ROYAL COLLECTIVE wonderland is the perfect distraction maneuver from the cold months. The second album of the Mannheimer Band is pure joy of life – a thrilling mix of reggae, pop and dancehall with German lyrics. In addition to the successful singles “Mann im Mond” and “Tanzbein“, the mini-album contains five more tracks, which sometimes groovy, sometimes straight to the dance floor. On “Parole”, singer Zio with Italian lyrics sings his Sicilian roots. The album revolves around respect, joy and the desire to live. In the case of songtitles such as “Wunderland”, “Paradies” or “Weltreise”, one could think of a void of reality, but instead of losing oneself in the past or in the fast life of virtual worlds, the band would like to keep their time, enjoy the moment and live in the here and now with their music.

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