• <i>by Jakob Lass</i>
  • <i>by Philipp Eichholtz</i>
  • <i>by Anthony C. Ferrante</i>
  • <i>by Carsten Vauth</i>
  • <i>by Howard J. Ford & Jonathan Ford</i>
  • by Christian Stadach
  • <i>by Tom Lass</i>
  • <i>by Florian Gottschick</i>
  • <i>by Nico Sommer</i>
  • <i>by Timo Jakobs</i>
  • <i>by Jared Cohn</i>
  • <i>by Will Tremper</i>
  • <i>by Pavel Khvaleev</i>
  • <i>by Will Tremper</i>
  • <i>by Tom Lass</i>
  • <i>by Ben Demaree</i>
  • <i>by Zoltan Paul</i>
  • <i>by Jeremy M. Inman</i>
  • <i>by Daniele Grieco</i>


Audiovisual distribution

digedo engages in content management and monetizing of audiovisual content not only on YouTube, the biggest video network, but also on Dailymotion, MUZU TV, Vimeo, VEVO etc. We give our clients (artists and labels) the opportunity to completely control their video and audio content on these popular Internet platforms and social networks and to earn additional revenue from them.

Some of the audiovisual platforms we work with:

Since 2014, the business areas expand into an intermedial distribution setup which means, that digedo and the partner team from daredo distribution (both divisions from daredo GmbH) now also exploit digitally films and series via VOD (video-on-demand) incl. SVOD (subscription-video-on-demand) and/or TVOD (transaction-video-on-demand) as well as EST (electronic-sell-throuh) / DTO (download-to-own). In these setup digedo is working close together worldwide with all relevant portals which are offering AVOD (advertising-video-on-demand) to block and/or monetize audiovisuell content. Because of this additional film department, digedo can also aggregate full concert videos to portals like Amazon Video, Netflix, Google Play, maxdome, Videoload, Microsoft X-Box, Sony Playstation or iTunes.

Some of our distributed movie releases: